Sustainability Actions of 2021: Angsana Corfu Resort & SPA


Our belief in Responsible Stewardship has translated into various initiatives relating to sustainability, to protect the earth for our next generation. We promote and engage guests, associates and communities we operate in to share the same belief. CSR 1-5 is a simple framework through which these initiatives are guided and establishes effort towards Resource conservation, Greening Communities, Cleaning, Guest Engagement or nurturing young people at risk of societal exclusion by providing to them vocational, life skills and education.

  • Resource Conservation: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE

So far at ANGRCF we recycle: Paper, Plastic, Aluminum, Glass, Toners, Electronical Devices, Lamps, Batteries, Plastic Caps and Used Kitchen Oils, while we are in the process of finding recycling points for candles and cans.

  • Resource Conservation: Eliminate Plastic

In ANGRCF we strive to eliminate every source of plastic in our property, either used by our guests or our associates.

Main actions we have done so far: Tetra pack water bottles for the guests, ecofriendly bamboo made Angsana Corfu pens, cardboard lunch boxes for guests, glass cups and glasses on our staff canteen and elimination of single-use plastics

  • Environment Protection: Beach Clean Ups to grow our associates’ environmental awareness and establish a stronger bond between us
  • Green Rooftops: Our villas architecture design is according to a “We Go Green” spirit. Many of our villas have a green roofs planted with herbs and spices, which are also a source of home-grown produce used by our chefs fresh from our garden – for our guests.
  • Olive Tree Planting: “Embracing the Environment, Empowering the People”

During July we gave back to Planet Earth by planting 60 Olive Trees around our premises which we will grow into beautiful trees, will give us fruits, and will boost our environment in a period when a lot of wildfires are breaking out.

  • Eco-handcrafts for Guest Engagement: Children are encouraged to reproduce a greener attitude and behavior through crafting ecological handcrafts using recyclable products, such as painting on recyclable paper etc.
  • We do well by doing Good: In the aftermath of a recent devastating wildfire that left 12% of Greece’s forests destroyed, many residents have lost their homes and are living in temporary shelters. All of Greece have mobilized to help those people in need. Angsana Corfu joined the effort and gathered 17 boxes of dry food, medical supplies, clothing and sanitary ware, with volunteers spending hours organizing, packing and distributing the items.